Friday, 15 July 2011


Washed Out (aka Ernest Greene) is a fantastic new star in the world of chillwave, lo-fi, bedroom-producing artists who are storming music blogs the world over. In a wonderful culture of give-and-receive, Washed Out has remixed and been remixed a number of times, and the music that comes of it is nothing short of astoundingly beautiful, stark and dreamy.

Greene's own stuff is phenomenal. Taking influence from hip-hop, he creates a strong eye-watering beat and layers delayed and reverbed synths and samples to build for his listeners a world awash with music that takes you away in currents of soaring modulation; 'Eyes Be Closed' - the single from his fresher than fresh new album Within And Without (released 12th July) - is no exception to this unspoken rule.

'Eyes Be Closed'

Beginning with a super slowed Balearic-style synth that reeks of Cafe Mambo at sunset hour, an offbeat hip-hop drumtrack comes in to give it some seriously beefy foundations. It sounds a little like a lo-fi Mylo - it has that same summery hypnosis-induced lying-on-grass-watching-clouds-in-a-trance kind of feel to it. Following a repetitive synth breakdown at about 2:50, the main refrain of the song blasts over again until the end, featuring crash cymbals that sound like I'd imagine they'd sound having been caught on film in super slowmotion. It's a track that's not very hard to fall in love with, addictive as it is in equal parts gentle and brimming with potential energy.

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