Wednesday, 14 March 2012


Errors are really good. Like, really good. I've been meaning to post this since this EP first came out, but. This two song EP is a whole lot of a good, and a great way to introduce yourself into the distorted guitar-slash-electronic echoness that characterises this Glasgow band.

The Pleasure Palaces EP is stunning. There's 'Auberchute Flyer', which modulates like some ambient dream and has this glossy tone that runs over one super echo of vocals. The synthesised bells are really lovely, giving it this heavenly quality. It's entirely unchanging throughout, stinks of delay and electronica, but is fabulously 'there'. Fades in, fades out. I'm on a cloud.

Then there's the title track. Have a listen.

(Aiya! I love the look of this video. The colours. Colour blocking. So S/S 2012. This isn't a fashion blog. Sorry.)

My Allah. This song is just unreal. You see the image above? The weird, rainbow cave? Well, if 'Auberchute Flyer' is the day music (or the morning-after-the-night-before) in this cathedralic cavern, then 'Pleasure Palaces' is its night time club tune. That iridal cave is the Pleasure Palaces themselves. The beat is in constrast to the no-beat of 'Auberchute Flyer' - and, sure it stands out more as a result, but it's damn infectious I tell thee. 'Pleasure Palaces' rises, falls, comes to climaxes with the mad harmonising choir of vocals that grows huge and actually gets into your blood. Then there's the simple, synth hook. Ah. It's pure bliss. And the ending to the song: the gradual slowing of some massive machine of music.

It's all I can do to highly recommend this EP and the subsequent album - Have A Little Faith In Magic - on which you'll find some more of the above in a similar vein, plus a little guitar action. I love Errors (who have been going for years, it seems - time to tell the world about them).

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  1. absolutely love this!!!

  2. It is one of the best songs I have heard in a long time!