Tuesday, 20 March 2012


It's the return of Hot Chip!

This new song, 'Flutes', comes ahead of their new album In Our Heads, set for release on Domino Records in June this year.

Musically, this song seems different from favourites like 'Ready For The Floor', 'And I Was A Boy From School' and 'Over And Over' - there's definitely something a little more straitlaced in this than those glitch-heavy tunes. It's still got plenty of energy and the Hot Chip touch that makes this track, laden as it is with intelligent beats and a simple bassline, is still there.

I've listened to this like 5 or more times now and each time I have enjoyed it more. It's difficult to pin down what exactly is different about this, the vocals are superb as ever (when you hear that voice it's not hard to say 'omg it's Hot Chip'), but the sound is different. I'm going round in circles.

It's addictive dance music at its best and Hot Chip have moved, not necessarily with the crowd, but at least progressively away from the kind of sound that made them what they were back in 2006. It's change, but it's a welcome one. Looking forward to this album.

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