Wednesday, 25 July 2012


It doesn't matter whether it's Burns as in 3rd degree burns or if it's Burns as in Mr. Burns from The Simpsons (officially the best character), this particular Burns is better than the 3rd degree kind and roundabout on-par with the Simpsons kind: this is Burns.

So, exhaustive introduction over with, let's get onto the music.

The song is 'Lies' and it was uploaded to YouTube like two days ago. There's this great euphoric club vibe to the whole song, like something you'd hear halfway through a night out and one of the only things you'd remember the next morning. Complete with a nice bit of snare roll every now and again, Burns totally ramps up the energy in this track until it's near fever-pitch towards the end.

Yeah, it's really nice, isn't it? A sound-of-summer kind of song. The female vocal is pretty powerful, evocative, and goes very well with the trance-like synth chords that blast at you as if all creation hinged on their being sent to your ears as fast as possible.

Along with the slightly dancehall-ish skewed beat the track makes for you like some anonymous dancefloor dweller who leads you through the crowds, clears a space in the middle of it all, and starts twirling you around like a spinning top, lights flashing all around in an epileptic's nightmare of carouseling neon lasers. That's exactly what it's like.

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