Tuesday, 13 November 2012


Japanese talent Ichiro_ makes lovely music that combines the intricacy of ambient, glitch-ridden electronica with the laid back attitude of hip hop. I've been enjoying his sounds for a while now, his album unconsidered_ having a semi-regular slot on the listening circuit (new term) on Spotify.

Recently discovered, however, that Ichiro_ had created and recorded - alongside many other artists and musicians - a song specially for "the victims and survivors of the March 11th Tōhoku earthquake and tsunami, and to those affected by the ongoing nuclear crisis." His makes up one of the 76 songs on the album, called simply Benefit Compilation for Japan, all proceeds from the sale of which go towards funds to help get the country - and more importantly: the affected population - back on its feet.

His song, 'One For Kamaishi' is pure ambient, with its repeating, glitching samples and breathy, synth sounds exuding this very chilled vibe. Add that to a beat so fluid that it could be a stream running down a mountain, and you have yourself a signature Ichiro_ track. Listen below to see what I mean.

To give a wider view of what this guy can do, here's the first song from the unconsidered_ album, 'Sun Dong Yeong:

This is perhaps even more glitch-laden than 'One For Kamaishi', and also leaning more towards hip hop with the beat, which has much more of an offbeat rhythm typical to hip hop. The drums, however, sound just like a lot of fuzz made solid into these fizzing blocks of pure beat that compliment the frantic busy-ness of the synth and occasional, frenetic, echoing vocal sample. Ichiro_ doesn't fail to capture the imagination with his electronic compositions and I'm eagerly awaiting something new from him that can fill the need for quirky electronica.

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