Monday, 8 July 2013


Just saw this on Twitter and had to write about it. Coming from co-founder of Marble records Jean Baptiste de Laubier, aka Para One, it is a wonderful song that incorporates elements of classic dance numbers to create a pretty euphoric vibe. It's called 'You Too' and you too should listen to it most definitely.

It's come just at the right time of year, especially taking into consideration the recent VERY NICE WEATHER that we're seeing in the South of England (yeah, we can say that too y'know, just like South of France... kind of) - that's because it's a pretty much a summer anthem. There's so much in it that just screams "fun in the sun", a Balearic atmosphere that only the most hardy detractors of dance music are immune to - in these instances it's like using Earthquake against a Flying-type Pokémon: not gonna work. But that's them. To each their own.

In essence, 'You Too' is basically a live edit of Para One's 'You' that he has been slipping into his late night DJ sets recently. The original bubbled along with soft watery synth, produced with cutting attention. 'You Too', however, goes a little differently.

Keeping the original chord progression of the original, the song begins with stuttering synth supported by a skipping beat and booming bass that soon give way to house piano chords. What a nostalgic feeling these evoke, even though I am not old enough to remember when this kind of sound was new. These are not the lifeforce of the song, however: warm synth rises up out of the bashing rhythm of the piano. The twisted vocal sample from the original still comes back, having pride of place when the atmosphere in the song plateaus out as well as before its mountainous build-ups.

It continues like this, Para One altering the dynamics of the song throughout to provide a luminary experience for all who hear the song, chilling them out one minute before getting them to jump on their feet - all without telling them to do so. It's the kind of song that a lot of people will say belongs only in clubs and that's it, but I can already imagine hearing this in the sweltering streets, in gardens fogged with barbecue smoke and the glint of the sun through half-frozen beer bottles. It's for summer.

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