Tuesday, 22 October 2013


Here's something. Well, usually there's always something, but here is actually something. What does that even mean? I don't know. But what I can be sure of is that it is a good song that deserves a little more recognition. It's the kind of thing that could be very easily played on the radio all day every day for a long while and that is not a bad thing cause generally that means that it's a) a good song, and/or b) catering to popular tastes of the day. That's kind of exactly what 'Disco Lights' by London singer-songwriter Tara Carosielli is. Yep it's got this delicious feel to it that's not only catchy but danceable too.

I stumbled across this by chance, as with most things, but what I found out just now is that, despite this being the only song on her SoundCloud, Tara also has also uploaded a number of other R&B-flavoured jams that include the played-quite-a-lot 'Resistance', which is very nice indeed. For me, she's kinda come out of nowhere but I suppose she has to have come from somewhere, and from that somewhere she has been releasing music all the time. All of it is characterised by her own smoky soulful voice, an element in her music that is lilting with melody and the tinge of a London accent: quite beautiful.

Co-written and produced by Seton Daunt (a songwriter + producer for Sony/ATV - sorry if I'm wrong) the song is a futuristic post-R&B vehicle for Tara Carosielli's wonderful voice, which here seems to have its own special spotlight, picked out in all its clarity. Her vocals are also layered at some points with a low-register version - an added treat that brings a late-night dance feel to the song. Her voice decorates the song in other ways, reverbing after the chorus and providing part-of-the-music ornamentations of "Mmm-mm-mmmm", all of it dripping with attitude.

Essentially it's a pop song, but with its leanings toward garage and perhaps moreso drumstep - thanks to the bustling beat pummeling out a slow rhythm, the subby gloss of simplistic bass and waves of distorted cyclical synth - it's a pop song with a nocturnal attitudinal edge and a lovely hook: "Why are you so cruel to me?" - it's pretty sumptuous. There are a number of reasons why this could become a big success and the talent of Tara Carosielli is certainly one of the most crucial.

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