Friday, 31 January 2014


Well here we are in the grey assault of January with all its endless rains and distant prospects and cold fronts. And here I am again, after so long. A thousand years later, I'm back. Or am I? Who's to say? Out of anybody, I should be saying it but I don't think I have the mental capacity to say it or confirm anything at all. Especially the concept of being "back" - which leads to the inevitable heckle, "were you ever even here?" (Does anybody want that?) - so it's a dangerously assertive issue that I skirt and avoid. The only thing I can confirm is that YES/NO is an entity that will continue. My writing will continue, here and elsewhere.

That finished, I would like to say that Koloto is BACK! Haha, no she's not "back" actually cause she never really left that much, but I have been looking out for some of her new music and here it is. It's like 28 days old which is unfortunate for me because I did see it back then but I didn't have the heart... Anyway, Koloto is a musicmaker from Canterbury (that's in England btw) whose real name is Maria Sullivan. Her music is typified by contoured soundscapes that roll and jut, coloured with glitch-led percussion, and her latest joint, 'Cedar Shed', is as atmospherically glitch-soundscapey as you can want.

Beginning with warm chords shot with scrambled percussion - a build-up of atmosphere for an intro, which leads into a loud arena of beats and melding sounds. Each element grows more rich towards the end, when the slap-click of percussion finds live-setting snares - amongst other drumkit sounds - to ground it, whilst the melody becomes more flighty than ever, soaring up to a grey blanket of clouds with choral thickness and intensity.

This one follows a similar pattern to her previous song, 'Kill Screen'; it goes through Koloto's style of sectional layering, starting life as just a forerunning phantom of what kind of towering beast it ends up as. Turning up the heat from minimal, to moderate, then monstrous, it's a cool style of transformative trackmaking that keeps the heart - and feeling - of the original idea throughout.

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