Sunday, 9 March 2014


My exposure to Yandere began with the awesomely hypnotic guest mix crafted lovingly for YES/NO by Irish producer and gentleman, Harmful Logic. That's what's good about guest mixes, or any type of mix: introducing your listeners to the music that you yourself love, diluting tastes down into a mix that gets drunk up good by those who hear it, the dissemination of artists to others likely to like them too. And it's also like that thing in GTA when finally you jack a rare car you've been looking for, and suddenly every other car your drive past is the same one you're driving. There's a name for that. GTA-effect? I dunno. But there's a name for it. I think.

So so so, back to Yandere – formerly known as "euaxwhen". His remix of memory cards' track 'phoenix downs' really struck me, thanks to Harmful Logic's inclusion of it in his mix. I thought I'd check out his other stuff one day. And then yesterday, boom— a new track appeared! Called '4get' it surfaced on PRTLS – "a music community dedicated to giving independent artists and curators a place to share their unique voices" – and before I say anything else, let's listen.

It rises up with liquid freshness, expansive with filmic heart-throb strings and rich with plunge-pool waves of bass, all set to a trappish beat that clicks with woodblocks and rattles with snare and hi-hat. Beams of synth shoot across, joining the soundscape in bright bubblesomeness, sharp gumball vapour trails zig-zagging, with a break in the middle that rumbles with muffled beat and harpisichordesque glistening synth – all the while, vocal samples pepper the track with emotive shivers.

It's a cold track shot with open blue skies, grounded in the frozen earth, emotional and stand-offish – the soundtrack to longing without end. Perfect really, especially given its name, and also for the fact that it is taken from the upcoming compilation Finding Love In A Parallel Universe, curated by Tape Transport and Harmful Logic (alongside others). I believe it's closing for entries on April 1st, already including stuff from artists like Ulzzang Pistol and Low Tee and there's still a few places left, so if you think you got a suitable track (listen HERE for a preview) send it on over to

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