Monday, 7 August 2017


This kinetic vessel takes us on a voyage through fizzing retro electric seas, sloshing and foaming grey-blue, cutting through it all smoothly and simply, a vision of the future from the past, looking forward from the analogue age, the modulating synths airbrushing complexity with their warm wide tone, their breezy ascending pattern. Outstandingly simple, Principleasure's thumping 'Hysterical O' crackles with residual feedback from a bygone era, yet quivers with minimalism and negative space, simultaneously rich and lo-fi yet sparse and considered—"I wanted to create something that sat between club and soundtrack," the producer told us.

The kick drum bumps below, working with the addition and subtraction of driving razor-sharp gleaming hi-hats to effect dynamism into the track, the white noise resonation of these drum machine percussives adding rounded muffled texture to the plosive sounds, nuancing the basic beat with that groovesome squelch of a synth bass stepping constructivist throughout. Created using only vintage synthesisers, 'Hysterical O' doesn't ape a retro style but is rather a reincarnation of it, an anachronism: the creation of a modern minimal house track with tools and materials we no longer use.

  • 🔔 'Hysterical O' is taken from Principleasure's debut four-track EP, Hexagonal Dab, which you can listen to over on SoundCloud or acquire it via Bandcamp if you like.

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