Friday, 29 September 2017


Firstly it's like an overdose of caffeine and the juddering jitters that go with it, the free-form jazz of thoughts that hurtle round the mind on this sort of high, thigh-jiggling anxiety, dopamine cranked up rounds of it uzi-fire like a fanfare of madness. None of this negatively. The hyperactivity at work in 'Sōlar Blade' by UK musicmaker IGLOOGHOST is nothing short of addictive, compelling; it is not going on around you but instead it flows into you, it vibrates you, it enjoins us to join it enjoying the Jupiter storm swirls of it caught up in itself all wonderful, all jelly beans and jewels tornado jam. The never-faltering full-speed footwork beat pops and thuds in rapid-fire flurries like Bruce Lee punches, pugilistic, simultaneously knocking you into a, and out of your, stupor.

Pulsating columns of buzzing synth bass paw at your ears as they pour through the track like molten canals of lead and electricity, creating instant solid robust intensity, and over them crackling and fizzing like sparks and popping candy are gold-dust clusters of melody in an out-of-control strobing zoetrope of different textures and flavours – pizzicato strings, squeezy needling synth, triumphal trumpets, wheezy flute-esque noises—literally blink, with your ears, and you'll miss them, such is the depth of details dredged up from IGLOOGHOST's mind. And wiggling with these is a tract of sped-up nightcoreish vocal, whence it came is unknown; however it does infuse the cosmic playroom feel of the track with something external and real world, albeit warped and gibbering.

'Sōlar Blade' dips somewhere in the middle, and towards the end, where we enter this playful otherword courtyard garden of sound with birdsong and a dark mystic melody flashing interdimensional oddities at the windows, in the lightbulb, through the walls.

  • 🔔 This wonderful track is just one of many wonderful tracks taken from the wonderful new and debut album by IGLOOGHOST, Neō Wax Bloom, out today on Brainfeeder. You may attain it for yourself digitally and physically via this piece of clickable text.

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