Monday, 6 November 2017


The rippling of waves and the turquoise totality of a tropical sea, the pale blue deep sky, here it is painted for you with sun-melted instruments, half-decayed rounded synths that lilt and curve crackling and tilt swerving in and out of the water, a jetski of sound, in that there is this paradisiacal setting as blotted boldly on an absorbent canvas bleeding nicely into the blank space the void of sound that also makes this track so impacting, in that, but also in the motion of it, the kinetic energy of the track in its 4/4 beat, in the tumbling sub-bass that joins in, rolling like the underside of waves through the shallows and fish nonchalant swooping back and forth in the current whipping into coral caves and the sun glinting treasurely around it all.

Arriving from the brain of Dominican Republic-located musicmaker Diego Raposo, 'Maison Margiela' – referring inexplicably to the Paris fashion house of the same name – the track is a big summoner of aquatic activities, calling to mind the liquid carvings and acrobatics of the 3D Wave Race games. But alongside this imaginary conjuring of palm-lined beaches and the swoon of the waves as they tumble softly onto the sand, there is quite concrete tropicalia at the heart of the song, with the track's description noting that it "blends dembow and dancehall to the traditional Brazilian baile funk/carioca"—to this end there are shakers, metallic sheafing hi-hats, insectoid scuttling bubbling noises whizzing around, painting relative intricacy over the elegant simplicity of the track.

  • 🔔 This wonderfully hot and water-droplet-strewn track arrives as the second single in the Wavy series curated by Dominican Republic label/art-collective MITEL DICO, of which Diego Raposo is co-founder.

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