Monday, 6 November 2017


This is a bright electronic patchwork, an irregular mosaic of sounds, crackling tracts of airy modulated synth sounds touched with abrasion, a collage of differently pitched slices of sound that rainbow nocturnally or overcastly with a pastel-grey hue, impacting like hazy memories. These sounds get stitched together with a wealth of samples, a moneybag of it, mechanised glonks and clops that scritch-scratch trickling and boldly waterfalling throughout—colossal textures. Created by US-based Jreams, this track is called 'Seoul', and fittingly features samples of a lady speaking Korean, as well as found sounds taken from around the country itself.

"I found Korean culture fascinating and decided to take a trip over there and couch surf around Seoul," Jreams says, explaining the background of the track in an email to YES/NO. "I reached out to this radio station there and got a spot to play on Seoul community radio and then was invited to a few shows after that were all hip hop and electronic focused. I started making [this] track while I was over there and finished the rest of it when I got back to the states."

He concludes: "I wanted to showcase how great of a place Korea is."

The video for the track, pulsing with boomerang-esque forward-reverse scenes, glitching mashes of colour, and shots of the bustling city life of the Korean capital, fits the music itself, the beat sounding like bookcases falling down flights of stairs against explosions of colour, the grit and hard angularity of the place mixed with the airy dreamlike feel of its technological wonderland ideals and aspirational aesthetic that seeps into the population's everyday style.

Jreams Internet Presence ☟

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