Wednesday, 1 November 2017


It is something awakening, this track, something birthed from a cosmic egg, reptilian and thin leathery but bright and speckled with pastel colours, and its first motion of life is fluttering, synth zipping along in echoing trills, swerving upwards and then from whatever physical form it holds this egg-born something begins to drop a dramatic soundscape from the sky, something grand, bold, the space between sounds resonating with its majesty. Booming bass kicks rattle the firmament, the sound of a car being beeped unlocked crams some minutiae of reality in the glistening grandeur of it, 15-year-old producer tobachi (aka Tobachi Luke) carving out this biosphere of sound, terraforming on a distant world with thoughts of Earth, a dog barking, some breathy human vocals, and other sounds collaging the nostalgic mind in the midst of all newness.

Space is the big thing here, and lots of it, space and endlessly space. How each sound clacks so much more, booms, explodes, cuts perfectively and zings much more with that hefty canyon of space that lies between each acoustic vibration. However, the threat level increases, chains begin to clink-clank deliciously, some chained monster, some errant ghost, but ultimately this idea of something held back but now moving, poised, ready to escape; the sharp sheafing metallic swish, like a sword being unsheathed, heralds the change into the track's next section, earth-dissolving bass reeling and charging forward whilst samples from Kendrick's 'Swimming Pools (Drank)' beam down, those fizzing synth chords still present from the beginning, and before you know it the storm is over and it is those rapid flutes again, the trilling free-form flight of them, the intensity of those beats and its impacting minimalism ringing in your ears.

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