Friday, 4 October 2019



The distorted arpeggios that wind their way through 'Pretty Boy' by Glasgow producer Wuh Oh give it this final act suspense. Instead of drops, the track opens up into gaping chasms, the suspense weaving its way through like the last level on a platformer; all the difficulty with the final boss yet to rear its head.

Different elements fade and fall from the scathing, sharpness of it all, with only the gleaming vocal harmonies (what Wuh Oh calls his "angelic choir impression") lancing in like the glow of some unholy machine, innocent in its unholiness—a sense of discovery, uncovery, delving deeper into an expansive, but increasingly claustrophobic world.

The synth scuttles and twangs, the bugs on the underside of a rock in a parallel dimension.

"The track Pretty Boy happened in a weird way," Wuh Oh tells yes/no over email. "I set myself the challenge of writing a track using only one synthesizer and no drums to see if I could achieve enough tension and release without resorting to typical build up and drop tropes.

"[But] the arpeggios were all major key. It sounded like an advert for a cruise holiday or some shit."

Moving the notes around, 'Pretty Boy' then transformed from his "corniest song yet" to his "spookiest." It's spooky alright. Sinister and demented in its last moments, everything comes to a stop as the synth takes on a new, garbled flavour; the motion of this final stage ends and the game's final boss appears. It's that scene-setting.

  • πŸ”” Watch this space for more about Wuh Oh.

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Tuesday, 1 October 2019



With its hesitant, thudding heartbeat, rhythmic flow of baleful water and skittering insectoid Goldeneye PP7 silencer percussion, 'Displacement' by SUN CORP。 cuts a drainpipe gloom, a seldom used fire escape aesthetic.

"You wake up in a strange city, how did you get here? Things are not quite right. Are you alive or already dead? There's no way of really knowing," the Australia-born, Singapore-based musicmaker sets the scene.

"Memories form in a foggy cloud. Which ones are real? You fill up the sink with water and see your reflection. Something hits the water."

Something filmic lurks in the heart of 'Displacement', not just in the description he gives, but in the atmospheric weariness and paranoia of the track; voices, stoked up from some unmentionable void, recall some lyrical past in the nocturnal glooping doom of the present. The result, perhaps, of making this track "in a somewhat delirious state" while stuck inside his apart for 2 weeks with the flu.

Either way, SUN CORP。 gathers textures for 'Displacement' and sets them in a compact 2-minutes-37-seconds frame of looming, lonely dread—a vignette for vaporwave after the shopping mall eternities and gleaming ads of tomorrow, where real life faces nights in boxes set in stalwart skyscrapers.

  • πŸ”” This SUN CORP。 track is taken from the upcoming 4-track Displacement EP, due out 5th October. It's actually a double EP releasing with a run of 50 cassette tapes; the A side is γ‚·γƒ³γ‚―γΎγŸγ―ζΊΊγ‚Œγ‚‹ ("Sink or Drown") and the B side is "Displacement". You can pre-order it here on Bandcamp.

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