YES/NO MUSIC began life for two reasons a) to write about cool new stuff that we'd heard and b) to give credit to cool new stuff we've heard and we enjoyed doing this. But it wasn't until after an incident on a half-built private estate in the south of France involving a golf buggy and a 10-foot drop that YES/NO MUSIC began to take proper shape. The golf cart incident of May 2013 resulted in a broken kneecap and a summer spent laid up on the sofa at a parents' house. With nowhere to go, stuck with only a laptop for company, YES/NO began to grow from its original mission statement of "Music is quite an interesting thing," amongst other things like, "Nice writing about good music." If you've been here since the beginning, you'll know that YES/NO writes well about the music it likes, is hype-skeptic, an enjoys finding broadly undiscovered, unheard artists, and that's what matters.


In 2016 we finally left the sofa to see further afield and so YES/NO MUSIC also became YES/NO TRAVEL. When January of 2016 rolled around we uprooted our very existence in front of our laptop in order to travel this crazy ol' world with our laptop. At first intending only five months' travel across Japan to find out what it has to offer, we have since moved onto South Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, China, Vietnam and Cambodia. All this travel brought new ideas and we began to write about the places we've visited, and all the tasty things we've eaten along the way.

Please join us and enjoy your time here.

🚶 🏃‍ 🚶

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